The Division 2 adds World Tier 5 and Black Tusk's stronghold on Next Month

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The Division 2 adds World Tier 5 and Black Tusk's stronghold on Next Month

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment announced today that the game’s first post-release content, the Tidal Basin stronghold mission and Tier 5, the game’s hardest difficulty and highest gear level, will be released on April 5.The Division 2 offers plenty of post-leveling content after players finish the actual campaign, but Tier 5 includes the game’s more traditional endgame content. This includes the ability to repeat strongholds that you’ve already done to get extra loot, access to the harder Heroic difficulty mode, a gear score that goes up to 500, and a few additional repeatable missions.

The Tidal Basin update will add three new gear sets: True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hard Wired. These will drop from Black Tusk enemies and Invaded missions and Strongholds. Dempsey described them as having "very long description text, because we are crazy people," so they're sure to have some interesting set bonuses. Dempsey also confirmed that more Invaded missions and a new Invaded Stronghold are on the way.

The most notable piece of information arising out of the update is that World Tier 5 is going to be added to the game soon to make the endgame even meatier. The developer confirms that though it’s not due out this week, it will be out very soon- so make do with four World Tiers for now. Come to now, you can buy The Division 2 Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

Before the April 5th update goes live, developers Massive have a patch due to roll out tomorrow to deal with some outstanding issues. They reckon they’ve hammered out some unusual performance drops, have crushed the last vestiges of the nasty bug causing skills to fizzle out early, and have worked out some kinks in normalising player stats in co-op. Looking forward, there’s multiple story-focused episodes coming, the first sending players outside the city walls. Each episode will be accessible a week early if you have the season pass, but free for all after that, keeping players together.

This all comes on April 5 as part of the Invasion – Battle for D.C. content update. As the name implies, you’ll also see new stuff around invaded missions, too – including a weekly reset on World Tier 5. Invasions will hit side missions like those around the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Plaza, and invaded missions now have their own difficulty settings. This update is also set to bring the expected weapon balance changes.

Another patch is coming even sooner. After tomorrow's maintenance, The Division 2 will be updated to 1.07. Expect the last of the fixes for the ability cooldown issue and performance improvements. After the patch, the game will also take into account the quality of your gear when you're playing with higher level friends, giving you a more appropriate boost. Lots coming in the next week, then. And I'm still far off level 30. Will I ever get there, or will I keep getting distracted by the very photogenic apocalypse? Absolutely the latter.