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Floor selection tips
— by xuanjin xuanjin
1, product identification: the product must have the national authority of the test report, the product packaging also have a complete logo.[url=]mini white picket fencing[/url]
2, wear rotation: home floor wear rotation is usually used more than 4000 rpm enough, public places usually use 9000 rpm above.
3, formaldehyde content: formaldehyde content of the floor standard is divided into E2, E1, E0 three levels, E1 products formaldehyde emission limit is ≤ 1.5mg / L, E1 generally reach this level is in line with national quality requirements.
4, the substrate density: laminate flooring substrate density should be 0.84-0.9 / cm3 smoked density is too low or too high are not appropriate.[url=]flooring for porch uk[/url]
5, water resistance: The index value is high, poor water resistance, easy to cause changes in size under wet conditions, absorbent thickness expansion rate should be ≤ 2.5%.[url=]log home wall panels[/url]
6, processing density: Observe whether the product is smooth, tongue and groove bite is appropriate, should not be too loose, it should not be too tight.